Product Advantages and Application Fields of LED Panel Lights

May. 27, 2021

In recent years, LED panel lights have slowly moved towards schools and various indoor lighting places. Today, the LED Panel Light Supplier will take you to uncover the veil of the LED panel light and learn more about the LED panel light.

Someone once predicted that the lights of the future will have no specific shape, and that the lights of the future will become part of the building, which you cannot easily identify at a glance. As for the panel light, some people say that it is a major performance of the lighting in this field at this stage.

Product Categories

There are two types of LED panel lights, direct type and side light.

Side-emitting panel lights have the advantages of light weight and thin body, convenient installation and transportation, but the disadvantage is that they are easy to emit unevenly; the advantages of direct-lit panel lights are sufficient brightness and cost control advantages, but the disadvantages are inevitable glare, dark areas, and body It is heavy and relatively inconvenient for transportation and installation.

LED Panel Light

LED Panel Light

The price of side-emitting LED Panel Lights is more expensive than that of direct-type lights, because the technology of side-emitting LED panel lights is relatively complicated, which is determined by the product structure of side-emitting LEDs. Side-emitting LED panel lights are more expensive than direct-type technology and craftsmanship. All are complicated, which makes it difficult to control the product yield and product uniformity.

Product advantages

LED panel luminaires have a very soft light-emitting method. At present, the commonly used side light-emitting method, the light emitted from the surface of the lamp body is very uniform, so that the light emitted is not glaring at all. Used in various fields, it can effectively eliminate glare.

LED panel lights are gradually becoming the best product to replace traditional grille lamp panels in the LED Light era with their good uniformity of illumination, higher CRI, uniform and soft light, and comfort. They will be used in schools, hospitals, hotels and other indoor lighting fields. There will be more and more room for development.

Application field

LED panel lights are widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, homes and other places due to their good uniformity of illumination, higher display index, uniform and soft light, and comfort. They have become the best alternative to traditional grille lamp panels in the LED era. 



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